Vision and Mission


To create and provide a leading business platform for entrepreneurship and asset sharing.


Help people to achieve entrepreneurial dreams.

Help customers regain their beauty and self esteem.

Core Value

1. Sharing

Xmegami is a firm believer of sharing-as-a-platfrom.

• Via the professional e-business startup platform, we share wealth and prosper.
• Via online and offline training, we share professional knowledge and witness mutual growth.
• Via the holistic “A-Click-Away” system, we share the ease of initiating a startup.
• Via the “Nurturing the Goddess of this Era” programme, we share the fruition of health, beauty and financial independence.
• Via the “New Goddess Business Region” merit system, we share the joy of living.

2. Innovation

In line with the spirit of the new goddess of this era, innovation is one of the core values of Xmegami. We always strive to change, innovate and breakthrough.

We do not wish to live under the shadows of others. We need to be a trailblazer!

With the underpinning value of “innovation”, Xmegami streamlines the company towards a startup platform that is technology-driven, systematic and professional.

The two founders of Xmegami are great innovators. They lead by walking the talk. Only by innovating and being proactive, can one pull oneself out of an infavourable condition to affect change.

3. Pursue of Excellence

Quality of products is never compromised in Xmegami. We never settle for “decent”, we aim for excellence.

From zero to hero, Xmegami is constantly fueled by the passion of the team members. This is because we understand that only those who persist can attain success.

4. Walk the talk

All role models walk their talk. Action is always better than lip service.

“If I can do it, I can also lead many others to achieve the same, or even surpass me!”

“I have reclaimed my health, confidence and financial independence. So can you!”

“I believe my life is the best spokesperson!”

At Xmegami, we lead by actions. We will train you to be the best ambassador of your own brand because we believe you can attain greater than you currently do. By outperforming yourself, that is the best way to bring out the best of those around you.

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