Remarkable Features

1. Cells and Body Detoxification
2. Improve Digestion
3. Relieve Constipation
4. Anti-Aging

Prebiotic-Fibruline® Inulin

Prebiotic Trend, Beautify Your Intestine

Misu Dx HD structured beauty, Fibruline® inulin, the best prebiotic that originates from Belgium. A natural water-soluble dietary fiber, assuring you not only anti-aging & beauty effects, but also enhancing the colonization efficiency of your intestinal probiotics by 40 times.

Prebiotic - Fibruline® Inulin Features & Functions

Intestinal Health • Aids in accelerating the intestinal peristalsis.
• Enhance the intestinal function.
• Produce a variety of organic acids, reduce intestinal pH value.
Skin Problem • Prebiotics can increase the intestinal beneficial bacteria by 40 times.
• Solving intestinal leakage problems, aids in the excretion of toxins out from the feaces.
Nutrient Absorption • Calcium, for instance, adding prebiotics in your meal which helps in probiotics growth can increase the intestinal absorption rate of calcium.
Detoxification • Prevent the toxins absorption by the intestine.
• Probiotics release enzymes or other metabolites
• Inhibit the growth of harmful bacteria, prevent the production of toxins.
Anti-Allergy • Clinically proven that probiotics have a better effect in preventing food allergies.
Slimming • Prebiotics enhance the growth of probiotics, which this aids in digestion, absorption & detoxification through the endocrine & intestinal microorganisms affects fatty acids metabolism & helps in achieving weight loss.
Anti-Aging • Bifidobacterium activates the body's immune system and keeps immune surveillance clearance all time.
• Constantly removing aging, dead, mutated cells and free radicals.
• Increased intestinal probiotics reduces harmful bacteria, keeps the human body healthy & aids in longevity.

Main Ingredients & Functions

Apple Fiber
• Lower cholesterol
• Weight loss
• High satiety
Manuka Honey
• Enhance digestive system
• Reduce cholesterol
Seabuckthorn Powder
• Improve digestion
• Enhance digestive system
• Reduce cholesterol
Vitamin C
• Boost immunity
• Prevention of cardiovascular disease
Enzymes (Amylase, Protease, Cellulase, Lactase, Lipase)
• Increase body metabolism (AMEvalue)
• Remove body excess water
• Helps in protein decomposition
Tremella Extract
• Rich in Vitamin D
• Anti-aging
• Reduce blood pressure
• Weight management
• Maintain normal blood calcium levels

Best for those who are

Fasting & detoxifying