Sheue Xin

Sheue Xin was brought up in a family of adequate means. She learnt to be independent and self-disciplinary at a young age. She graduated with a degree in marketing at university. Upon graduation, she worked at a listed company. She did not enjoy the experience, hence she decided to seek out for greater purpose in life in order to help herself and others to live a better life.

“Talents are to be showcased, not to be wasted!”
“In life, we should always be proactive!”
“We can always change, change ourselves for the better!”

These believes gave her the courage and self-driven energy to work her way up as a women’s icon of this generation.

She knew from a very young age that no one can determines her life, but herself. After her resignation, she spent all her savings, a total of RM1200, to start an online business. She then never looked back. From the beginning, she sold clothing and skin care products. She gradually refined her products and business strategies and built a positive image for herself. Her team grew as she prospered. She broke records and graduated from a newbies in online business to now, a respectable leader in her industry. It was her passion and innovation that propelled her forward.

Throughout this journey, she discovered that everyone has this little flame within them. But to ignite it, one needs to be courageous or else it will get dimmer and eventually, go off. It is not an easy path and people can be resistant to change. Nevertheless, with a strong will, everyone can develop their talents and live up to their potential.

“I’m pleased to share my experience because this is how I changed my life. Most importantly, I believe that you can surpass me!”

Sheue Xin firmly believes the concept of “sharing”. She founded Xmegami with Joe Ng. To them, Xmegami is not just a startup platform, it is also a place where they can call home. She is still active in leading her team in expanding market across the world. Education and training of her team are also very close to her heart.

Sheue Xin got married in 2013. Currently, she is a mother of two. Together with her husband, they aspire to lead more women and families in attaining a better life.

“I will be the role model of my children. I believe they, too, can be the best of themselves because I’m a living example!”

Her persistent hard work and strong will have granted her many achievements in life:

2015: received 360 Versatile Leadership Award
2016: Invited to Beijing for company shareholders meeting
2016: Recognised as Asia E-Business Entrepreneur of the Year in Macau
2017: International Golden Phoenix Award by Asia Excellent Entrepreneur Federation

She is blessed with a strong team that believes in her. With this strong force supporting her, she dedicates herself to making dreams possible for other people.

In February 2018, Sheue xin was honored to be the guest of the 7th episode of the online program "CEO In The Car" by the famous Malaysia radio host Jeff Chen.