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Micaree OT Cream contains a variety of moisturizing essences of plants, forming a breathable water-locking film on the skin surface to nourish the skin and the skin friendly texture closely adheres to the skin, fills the uneven rough skin, smoothers the uneven pores, and easily hides the pores and flaws. Effectively protect your skin from pollution and various environmental insults, promotes smooth and delicate skin, create a long-lasting shining and nude makeup.。

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The brand new MISU DX+ healthy detox product is specially formulated for nowadays busy and hectic lifestyle. It can effectively remove toxins and wastage from our body especially those that are accumulated within adipose tissue of our body’s main organs such as liver, colon, kidney and skin. Moreover, with it’s rich source of fiber content, it can help promote healthy bowel movement and thus effectively solve constipation problem. Due to that, it indirectly provide effects towards weight loss and shapely body in addition to beauty enhancement from within to outer bodily appearance.

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Unique Low Calorie
Only 80kcal per pack
Low calorie = One apple 80 kcal, less than 80% of dinner meal Calorie intake reduced by 15% - 30%

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