Misu N+ FAQ

1What is meal replacement?
Meal replacement is to replace part or all the food of the meal. MISU N+ rich in protein and fiber content that able to provides body with a large variety of nutrients in additional to provide a fullness.
2When we need to drink meal replacement?
Busy life often keeps you from healthy meal. Drinking replacement meals can help to provide nutrition and a sense of satiety. For those are on diet, it is recommended to replace breakfast and dinner in order to achieve the effect of body weight loss.
3Can we have a meal after meal replacement drink?
For dieters, we do not encourage eating a meal immediately after drinking a meal replacement, Meal replacement born to reduce calories of the day. So, if you have a meal immediately after meal replacement drink, you will increase calories. It is recommended not to eat a meal after drinking meal replacement.
4Can people with high blood pressure, high blood sugar level and high cholesterol enjoy replacement?
Can, Misu N+ does not affect the index.
5Can children enjoy meal replacement?
We are not recommended children consume Misu N+.
6Can pregnant lady enjoy meal replacement?

Misu Dx+ FAQ

1Can Misu Dx+ be taken in the morning?
2How long before I can take Misu Dx+ if I have just taken medicine/ health supplements?
We recommend putting on hold for at least 2 hours for typical western medicine, and at least 1 hour for health supplement.
3Can Misu Dx+ be taken twice per day?
Theoretically yes, although it also depends on individual body conditions. The digestive system of some may not be able to absorb as much Misu Dx+, which may lead to issues with constipation, wastage or other undesirable effects. However, there are some who can consume a larger quantity of Misu Dx+ without issues, thus hastening its effects.
4It appears that Misu Dx+ contains Garcinia cambogia extracts which aid in body slimming. Aren’t pregnant ladies not allowed to take slimming products? Is Misu Dx+ safe for those who are expecting?
Garcinia cambogia extract is effective in reducing body weight but exerts no effect on the fetus as the extract mainly enhances gastrointestinal motility to prevent constipation- a common occurrence among pregnant ladies. Although some articles advise the pregnant against taking Garcina cambogia, there are no reliable sources stating that it cannot be consumed. In addition, the proportion of Garcinia cambogia extract in Misu Dx+ is very minute compared to whole Garcinia cambogia fruits, and therefore exerts negligible side-effects. We recommend new, pregnant users to allow 3 to 5 months to pass before using Misu Dx+. We do not recommend Misu Dx+ for those who are conservative or sensitive about the component of Garcinia cambogia extract in Misu Dx+.
5What is the difference between taking one sachet and two sachets of Misu Dx+? The quantity of feces appears to be more with the consumption of two sachets.
Yes, a difference is expected since the dosage has been increased two-fold. The results of drinking 2 sachets of Misu Dx+ may be more effective for some people but may not be so for those with weak digestive systems and can instead cause constipation. It is important to determine whether a person can take 2 sachets of Misu Dx+ daily based on his or her body condition.

Micaree OT Cream FAQ

1Can I use Micaree OT Cream as a primer?
The Micaree OT cream an essential protective layer containing titanium dioxide nanoparticles that shields against UV light, acting as a sunscreen. The ingredients in Micaree OT cream are similar to those used in typical sunscreens, which are usually divided into two types: physical sunscreen and chemical sunscreens. The titanium dioxide nanoparticles used in Micaree OT Cream are categorized as a physical sunscreen.
2Is the function of Micaree OT Cream and toning cream the same?
The two share the same basic concept. However, Micaree OT Cream offers additional functions, including skin brightening and pore concealing effects, as well as containing patent skincare ingredients for anti-allergy and effective moisturizing.
3Can pregnant ladies or breastfeeding mothers use Micaree OT Cream?
Yes. Micaree OT Cream does not contain steroid and can thus be safely used. In addition, the cream contains multiple plant-based moisturizing extracts that can effectively improve uneven skin texture and blemishes, as well as lighten stretch marks due to pregnancy.
4As Micaree OT Cream contains paraben, is it suitable for cancer patients?
Micaree OT Cream contains very minute amounts of paraben within the safety range, and therefore will not cause any skin damage. This ingredient is also present in other branded skincare products such as SK-**, Va**line, etc.
5Do I need to use Micaree OT Cream daily?
Micaree OT Cream reduces melanin content of the skin, a process which happens slowly. As such, we recommend frequent use of Micaree OT Cream for better and longer-lasting skin whitening.
6Do I need to apply sunblock after applying Micaree OT Cream?
Micaree OT Cream has a sun protection factor (SPF) of SPF 20 and can provide effect protection against sunlight for about 3-5 hours. If you are performing outdoor activities with high sun exposure, we recommend using an additional sunscreen after the application of Micaree OT Cream for added protection.
7Does Micaree OT Cream contain fluorescent agents?
8Does Micaree OT Cream contain mercury?

Mifit FAQ

1Why is Mifit considered as a food with low glycemic index (GI)?
Mifit uses a mixture of low GI natural sugar, and medically approved low GI sugar substitutes. Food with low GI values are digested, absorbed and metabolized more slowly into the body, resulting in a lower and slower rise in blood glucose and insulin.
2Is there any limit for consuming MIFIT per day?
There is no limit for adult, however we recommend consuming 1-2 packs per day as protein need to be consuming on daily basis.
3How does Mifit help customers aiming for fitness?
Mifit uses natural ingredients and an advanced nutritional formulation for slimming. Thus, MIFIT is a very good nutritional supplement for those looking to lose weight.
4Can vegetarians enjoy Mifit?
It depends on the types of vegetarian diet. Mifit is suitable for vegetarians who can consume dairy products. However, as the main protein source of Mifit is from milk extract, the product is not suitable for vegans.
5Do I have to eat Mifit every day?
It is advisable for you to consume Mifit everyday if your aim is to condition your body. Most body conditioning programs will require a period of at least 3 months for apparent and optimum effects.
6Can people with high blood pressure, high blood sugar level and high cholesterol enjoy MIFIT?
Can, MIFIT does not affect the index.
7Can children enjoy MIFIT?
Mifit is formulated to have high protein contents. Protein is essential in our bodies; the daily protein intake of an individual can be calculated by multiplying body weight (in kg) with 0.8. The body weight of children less than 6 years old is much lower, the protein content in one packet of Mifit may be too high for their daily protein intake. As such, the serving portion should be halved for children within this age category. We recommend the calculation of daily protein intake to determine serving portions.
8Can pregnant lady enjoy MIFIT?
Can, Mifit is formulated to have high protein contents. Protein is essential in our bodies; the daily protein intake of an individual can be calculated by multiplying body weight (in kg) with 0.8. Teenagers, athletics and pregnant ladies usually have higher protein needs, and can consume 2-3 grams of protein more than the calculated daily protein intake. We recommend the calculation of daily protein intake to determine serving portions.

Micaree Hydro Booster FAQ

1What is the capacity of Micaree Hydro Booster?
2Which country does MHB come from?
Micaree Hydro Booster employs a formulation from Germany, but is made in Malaysia
3Can I still apply Micaree Hydro Booster when I am using other serum with different function?
It is recommended to use them separately; however, we suggest using Micaree hydro booster twice in a day to have better result.
4Is Micaree Hydro Booster suitable for hormonal skins?
Yes, Micaree Hydro Booster does not contain any animal-based ingredients, alcohol or paraben and is therefore suitable for all skin types.
5Is Micaree Hydro Booster only made of plant-based ingredients? Is it suitable for vegans?
Yes, Micaree Hydro Booster is suitable for vegans as it is certified to contain no animal-based additives or ingredients.
6How long is a course of treatment for Micaree Hydro Booster?
One course of treatment will require 3 bottles of Micaree Hydro Booster, assuming application during both day and night.
7Is Micaree Hydro Booster suitable for pregnant ladies?
Yes, Micaree Hydro Booster is suitable for all skin types.
8Can I apply Micaree Hydro Booster on the areas surrounding my eye?
It is recommended to use eye creams or eye serums for better result
9How does Micaree Hydro Booster achieve long lasting skin hydration?
Micaree Hydro Booster uses highly pure (95%) hyaluronic acid from Shiitake mushroom extracts. The small molecular weight of hyaluronic acid enables it to retain water effectively.
10Does Micaree Hydro Booster contain mercury?
Micaree Hydro Booster does not contain mercury.